Terms and conditions

1. Agreement parties and terms

The agreement concerning the rental of a Postbox is concluded between the renter and Postbox Terreros.

The renter will receive 1 key to the post box when the agreement is signed. Any extra keys must be provided by the renter himself. A charge of €15 is payable for additional keys and replacement of lost keys.

Postal letters and packages are to be addressed to Postbox Terreros, with the correct supplied address, and must be delivered to the post box within opening hours.

Amendments to the agreement, such as a new invoice address and changes to post box users, must be reported to the office in writing by e-mail to info@postboxterreros.com.

2. Identification of post box holder/renter.

The following documentation must be provided::
Full name of each person receiving mail
Valid photo ID for each person receiving mail
Valid e-mail address
Valid mobile phone number

3. Receiving of registered letters

The post box can receive recorded letters and we will inform them of this receipt.

The post box is not responsible for the notifications needed to resolve any items involving a recorded letter received.

Must have a contract. (click here)

4. Price and payment terms

Postbox Terreros sets the price and payment terms for post box rental. Changes to prices will be announced giving at least 1 – one – months’ notice.

Rent will be billed annually and in advance. Any rent paid will not be refunded when the agreement is terminated.

If any items arrive and require any kind of payment in order for them to be accepted, this needs to have been prearranged and paid ahead of receipt. Postbox Terreros will not accept the item if not prepaid.

5. Termination of the agreement

The renter may terminate the agreement with 2 – two – months’ notice.

Postbox Terreros may terminate the agreement with 2 – two – months’ notice if the postal facility is discontinued or relocated in a manner that would mean changing the postal address of the post box.

If the terms of the agreement are significantly breached or if the post box is used for illegal purposes, the agreement may be terminated with immediate effect. Payment default will be deemed to be a significant breach of contract.

The agreement will be terminated on the death of the renter or the winding-up of the company.

Despite the termination deadlines above, the agreement will remain in force until the keys to the post box are returned to Postbox Terreros. Lost keys must be replaced by the renter at a charge of €15 for each key.

Post addressed to the post box after termination of the agreement will be redirected to a new address if a change of address has been recorded, and in accordance with any agreement with regard to redirection. If there is no record of a change of address/agreement concerning redirection, the post will be returned to the sender.