Why having a mailbox service in Spain is the best call you can make

Getting a postbox in Spain

Living in Spain is great, but has some challenges too. The language, of course, but not only: different way of life, time schedules, public service organisation, etc. One of the things you can do to make life easier is getting a spanish postbox service.

This service is beneficial for anyone who is not serviced directly by delivery companies and the Spanish postal service “Correos”, or for those who just require private and secure post-delivery without any hassle.

Why having a postbox service


Forget about waiting home for deliveries. You can keep your life going knowing we will be ready to get your mail or parcels. We’ll hold your packages in a secure postbox for pickup at your convenience thanks to our extended 6 days a week opening hours. 

In addition, we can forward them to wherever you are. This is a great option if you need a local mailing address while you are traveling, working remotely or conducting business elsewhere.


With our secure postbox service, you keep your own home address completely private, preventing companies from getting that information and using it to send spam. Even more important, you will be safe from database leakings that so often affects multiple e-commerce companies.

Not only that, you will prevent your neighbours and other people from knowing about your buying routines.


Your mail and packages should stay secure and confidential. We accept your packages from all carriers, so you’ll never miss a delivery or risk having it stolen when its just left at your door.

We also provide Package and Mail Receipt Notifications so you’ll receive an email when your mail and packages arrive. No need to visit the mailbox unless you have something to collect.

A real street address

Having a mailbox from Postbox Terreros allows you to have a real street address, which provides a safe delivery every time, also a more professional and established image for your small business or personal brand.


Postbox Terreros: mailboxes in Almería

Postbox Terreros is a expats run young company based in San Juan de los Terreos, Pulpí (Almería). We have more than 200 mailboxes available to rent and a surprisingly low price, depending on your specific needs. We provide service to all Levante Coast area, from Mojácar, Garrucha and Vera to Águilas or Mazarrón. We have clients from the Almanzora area too: Zurgena, Albox or Huércal Overa.

Sign up today and start enjoying the convenience and security of having your own Spanish real address mailbox.